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Massgeschneiderte Marketingstrategie für Ihr Unternehmen

Tailor-made marketing strategy for your company

Marketing does not work like that anymore.


Quantity or quality?


Lets compare the marketing strategies of two shoe manufacturers who specialize in sports shoes.


Shoe manufacturer number 1 creates an elaborate advertising film with expensive models. They show it for about a month at prime time. After all, this is how they reach the most audience.


Shoe manufacturer number 2 takes a different path. Television advertising and TV ads are also part of the campaign. But advertising is only done before football matches or in the sports section. A much larger part of the manufacturer s budget is spent on other sectors. It organizes sports events at which the shoe can be tested. It advertises via sports influencers in the social media. And last but not least, he publishes dozens of articles about what makes the perfect sports shoe.


Which campaign will generate more sales?



That is how important market analysis and needs analysis are


It is the campaign of shoe manufacturer number 2. Although number 1 reaches far more people with its television advertising, the number of people who are interested in the brand is still high. But how many of the viewers during prime time are sports enthusiasts?


Shoe manufacturer number 2 reaches far fewer people. Nevertheless, he sells more models of his shoes. Because every single person who is recruited is a potential customer who likes to spend his or her time doing sports.


The moral of the story: Before you know how to advertise, you need to know where you are advertising.


We carry out a detailed market analysis and needs analysis:

Find out who your target group is
Find out how and where to reach your target audience
Market analysis: What is already available, where are the niches?
Trend analysis: In which areas is the market growing?
Competition analysis: How can you stand out from your competitors?


Generate leads - from first contact to sale


You need a new microwave. Do you go to the store and buy the first model? No. Each purchase is done in several steps.


Lead marketing builds on this. You already pick up potential customers when the first thought of the purchase comes into your head. The goal: You direct potential buyers to your website in order to sell there.


Inform yourself before buying your microwave. A microwave producer with a more successful marketing strategy knows this. That is why you can not avoid his Internet presence. You see YouTube videos demonstrating how well his microwaves work. You discover it at kitchen fairs. Even your favorite chef advertises on Instagram that his latest dish is microwaveable!


Now you are interested. It seems they are the microwave experts par excellence. You click on the website, buy there - destination reached.



How to find your marketing mix


Our agency has a broad portfolio of building blocks for your marketing strategy.


First we find out how and where you want to position yourself on the market.


Then we use leads to ensure that you pick up interested parties and turn them into customers.


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